Beginner’s Guide to Become a Digital Nomad

The digital Nomad lifestyle

A nomadic life of travel and work is possible for everyone. However, you need to find a way to use your skills to make money to financially support your new lifestyle. A digital nomad job is not just an Instagram influencer or website developer. We are going to expand your knowledge about what a digital nomad can be.

In addition to transforming your work, its preparation is an important factor. And finally: believe in yourself, believe that you are able to achieve your goal of being nomadic.

Preparations-5 steps that need to be taken now

It’s a big, and sometimes scary step to become a digital nomad. Properly preparing will help you to better succeed in your goals and avoid unnecessary problems.

1. Start Saving

To start your exciting digital nomad journey, you need to start saving to travel. Not knowing where you are going is exciting. However, it also means that it is sometimes a good idea to save in the event of unpredictable events. For example, you want to take your newly-made friends on an incredible journey, but it’s a little out of your budget.

Tips to reduce expenses

It’s a great feeling to travel with money in your pockets and no responsibilities at home! The first fairly simple step to do this is to reduce spending. Example:

Instead of eating out, cook at home. This can be much healthier, inspires creativity, and is loads affordable!

Sell some of your unwanted stuff. If you are traveling long-term, you may be able to sell your furniture, unwanted clothes, or maybe even your car.

Instead of buying new ones, buy second-hand. This is normally affordable and a great way to be more sustainable. Discover 10 simple sustainable travel tips
Cancel unnecessary memberships or accounts. For example, your mobile phone contract or app subscriptions. This is an easy way to reduce expenses.

Save on rent

The beauty of not having a steady base as a digital nomad is that you save money on your rent, mortgage, and home bills. However, it is good to keep in mind that what you save in rent you can spend on Accommodation Travel. Despite this, depending on where you go, your costs can be greatly reduced!

2. Choose a destination to live and work from as a digital nomad

One of the most exciting parts of becoming a digital nomad is choosing your first destination to work from. Take a look at ‘Nomad List’, which gives you a useful rating and filters reviewed by other digital nomads. By doing so, you are sure to meet other digital nomads. (Read our tips on moving abroad)

Finding your digital nomad accommodation

Websites such as and Airbnb have great deals when booking for a monthly period. Another great option is free accommodation by house-sitting by TrustedHousesitters.

Co-Working & Living Spaces

Due to the growing popularity of the digital nomad lifestyle, co-living spaces are now available worldwide. This is an easy way to be part of the digital nomad community in your area, as well as living in a shared space with new people!

3. Important documents

As a digital nomad, you are location independent, but you always need the necessary documents and bills to travel and do business.

Nomad insurance-the most important thing is to always get good insurance so that you are insured in matter of damage, loss or theft. (Here’s how to find the right travel insurance)
Passport – one that does not expire quickly and fill many blank pages! 🙂
Credit card-to confirm hotels, flights and pay larger fees. Some companies will not accept your National bank.

4. Travel Equipment And Travel Equipment

Equipment is an expensive investment, but is so worth it. These items will help you to live your life as a digital nomad.

Laptop or Tablet

As a digital nomad, a laptop or tablet will most likely become your most valued and used device. To keep your devices and other equipment safe while traveling, it is best to do/buy these things:

Laptop backpack-ideal, with plenty of padding for protection and rainproof. Shower bags are a good option and they look great too! (Shop them here)
Screen protector / laptop cover-Shop here.

Data backup-it minimizes the risk of losing important work. Backup to an external ssd hard drive that is shockproof or back up your data online. (Get it here)
Protect your computer with a password – this will protect all your data, in matter you lose your laptop or it is stolen. (LastPass is a fantastic password manager!)

Universal adapters

This is an adapter that works in most countries in the world. It’s an absolute must-have, and it saves you from having trouble charging your devices, for example, during a layover. (Buy a travel adapter here)

WiFi Everywhere

If a constant good internet connection is a requirement for you during the day, then investing in a Wifi hotspot is a smart move. Cafes don’t always offer great consistent Wi-Fi, and it’s especially useful if you’re traveling to a remote location. You have two ways to set up a Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Standard + Mouse + Keyboard

Poor posture while working affects your energy and can potentially cause body problems. There are many good articles on an ergonomic workspace, but a simple first step is to bring a folding stand, mouse and keyboard. (The Nexstand is a must-have)

Earbuds / Headphones

Block out any distracting noise you might have in a cafe, or when traveling on public transportation by getting some noise-canceling headphones.

5. Join a digital Nomad Community

The digital nomad lifestyle can be isolating, especially if you’re traveling alone. To avoid this, join a Facebook digital nomad/ex-pat community in your new area. Within these groups there is the opportunity to meet like-minded people and find answers to frequently asked questions. For example: how to get a visa? Where are the best cafes to work out? This is a really helpful way to get to know your new surroundings and can open up exciting opportunities to meet new people.

How to make money as a digital nomad

Digital nomads usually make their money in one of these three forms: working remotely for a business, as a freelancer as a writer or designer, or as a digital entrepreneur owner. (Entrepreneur)

Digital Nomad jobs you can do

It’s often wrong that digital nomad jobs are only graphic designers or app developers (here are 14 jobs you can do online). There are plenty of ways to transform your skills or passions into work that you can practice online. Whether it’s remote work or starting your own business from scratch – believe in it!

How much does a digital nomad earn?

There is no set number that a digital nomad deserves. Depending on skills and demand for them, income varies. It depends on what job he or she does and the amount of money they need to live their lifestyle.

It’s good to remember that digital nomads are not one type of person. You will meet people who want to make a lot of money where others just want to live freely and need the minimum income.

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