Tips to Satisfy Your Travel Cravings

1. See The Travel Programs

The best way to travel from home? Travel to distant countries from the comfort of your couch! Platforms like Netflix offer a ton of great movies and travel shows that can really transport you somewhere else for an hour or two. In addition, cooking shows are a great way to make itchy scratches, show beautiful countries and give us an overview of tastes and culture.

Netflix Travel Shows

  • Our Planet
  • A life on our planet
  • Down to Earth
  • Night on Earth
  • In Search Of The Coral
  • Dark Tourist
  • Dancing with the birds

Netflix Cooking Shows

  • Find Someone To Feed Phil.
  • Eating On The Street
  • Anthony Bourdain: Not-known pieces

2. Learn a language

A great way to prepare for a future trip is to start learning a new language. Travel from home by joining language learning apps or even taking online courses. For example, if you are planning a trip to Italy, you can learn how to order all the flavors of gelato!

Join a tutoring platform like ‘Italki’, where you can choose a tutor for private lessons in almost any language. Alternatively, apps like “Babbel” or “Duolingo” can help you learn basic phrases.

3. Search for a future trip

There may be reasons why you can’t travel right now, but there’s nothing stopping you from planning a trip for the future. Planning a trip is at least half the fun of your trip, which makes you excited about what’s ahead and makes you feel like you’re traveling even when you’re still at home. Use Pinterest and Instagram to collect information and images for your trip, choose the type of vacation you want and even start comparing flight prices.

Are you planning to move abroad? Use this time to inspire your research, determine where your new home will be and plan your potential career change accordingly.

4. Listen to travel podcasts and music from around the world

Let your feet tap and your mind dream while listening to travel music or podcasts from around the world. The Great Travel podcast is the perfect way to travel from home, listening to travel stories from celebrities around the world. Alternatively, transport yourself to the fiesta in Mexico with lively Latin music or to the sunny streets of Lisbon with soulful fado music.

5. Take a trip through memory

Travel from home, and go back in time, browsing your photos and videos from previous trips. Use your time at home to create a beautiful scrapbook, photo album or epic travel vlog!

Maybe you haven’t had time to upload your memories to social networks or youtube yet? Create a great reel to share with your friends and use one of our favorite travel quotes to create a caption.

6. Redesign your home

Doing a little “travel-inspired” home improvement is a great way to travel from home. Maybe you have some souvenirs or trinkets from your adventures that you could include in the design of your home? Not only will it be beautiful and unique, but it will also give you that warm “travel” feeling when you see it.

Think about the items or styles you would like us to have from previous trips. For example, we repainted our wall in a warm Moroccan tone, beautiful ceramics bought in Portugal, carpets from Morocco, as well as beautiful bamboo furniture from Indonesia.

7. Be creative in the kitchen

Travel from home through the flavors of international cuisine! Are you missing a particular dish from a country you’ve visited in the past or do you want to try a specific recipe from a country on your bucket list? Put on your apron and experiment in the kitchen! Try the Global Vegan or Near & Far cookbook.

8. Read travel books and magazines

Getting lost in the pages of a good book is a great way to transport yourself to another country and “travel” from home. Choose a true story about adventures in the mountains, or let your mind wander with a fiction novel about an alternative universe. Some great travel books are:

Not much of a reader? Travel from home marveling at beautiful images in travel magazines. If you want to continue the journey, check out the travel blogs on or head over to our Instagram for more tropical goodness.

9. Make a Travel Bucket list

Is there anything better than dreaming of future trips to remote places and shipwrecks? You may not be able to fly now, but a great way to travel from home is to make a to-do list for the future.

Do some research and think about the destinations that really thrill you with excitement. For example, are you a lover of history? Consider visiting some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Alternatively, you might be dreaming of a lazy European summer, so check out the best city breaks in Europe.

10. Play Travel Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good board game during the holidays or on weekends? It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and family, and if you choose a travel game, it’s a great way to “travel from home”!

Beloved games, such as Monopoly, now have “global” editions, and the popular game”Ticket to Ride” has an edition for many countries around the world. It’s the perfect way to get from one destination to another and scratch that “travel itch” in the process!

11. Read Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are the perfect way to get inspired, learn new information and travel from home through beautiful images. There are hundreds of travel guides on ‘Salt in our Hair’, as well as tips and tricks on how to travel sustainably, become a digital nomad and start your own travel blog. Use them to satisfy your travel desires!

12. Travel the world with virtual tours

Spend an evening traveling from home by participating in a virtual travel tour! Many travel agencies offer virtual tours of some of the most popular sites in the world. Visit the Great Wall of China, take a historical tour of Venice or explore some of the most iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites, all from the comfort of your sofa.

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